Research is pivotal in our Intelligence Analysis, Geospatial Intelligence and Reconstruction processes. It is also a valuable resource that we can provide to Clients by maintaining a constantly updated, comprehensive internet-based resource center, or by provision of bespoke actionable research reports.

Topics within S2’s scope of research include, but certainly aren’t limited to, geostrategic analysis and how it can and does affect the average individual’s life, imagining and writing plausible scenarios for crisis management purposes, analyzing military movements and seeing how they impact the geostrategic environment, and finally looking at extremism in all forms, and what governmental agencies, communities, and individuals can do to combat extremists. We believe that in the world of geopolitics, knowledge is a useful tool which can allow a client to gain a better understanding of the world they live in and respond accordingly. Knowledge truly is power, and at Strategic Sentinel, we seek to not only know as much as possible, but to understand how that knowledge is applicable.

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