Geospatial Intelligence

By utilizing our partnerships, Strategic Sentinel is revolutionizing the way geospatial imagery is processed, distributed and accessed; by making its satellite data available nearly instantly for government, mapping, and business intelligence markets.

The backbone of this unique ability to provide geospatial intelligence, is derived from our ongoing partnership with Planet Labs Inc.

With this daily access to the entire globe, we have the ability to monitor locations around the world in detail, and can respond to changes in different theaters as necessary. This type of unrestricted geospatial data allows Strategic Sentinel to provide the client with an enhanced analysis on a wide variety of different tasks.

With access to 170 individual satellites in total at various orbits around the Earth, approximately 150 Million kmĀ² of imagery is collected from the satellites each day. Numerous satellites reside in International Space Station orbit and a few satellites in separate sun synchronous orbits. This gives us the ability to see anywhere in the world with 200 cm or better resolution at any given time.

Having access to a system of satellites is one thing, but having the analysts who can pick out small, distorted, blurred, or otherwise minute objects is key to fulfilling our client's requirements to generate actionable intelligence.

Combined with our space-borne hardware and analysts on the ground, Strategic Sentinel is in a unique position to provide our clients with tremendous quality in both visual monitoring and analysis of key strategic areas.

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