About Us

Strategic Sentinel provides key strategic information and analysis to globally oriented companies, government entities, think tanks, and various other organizations. Strategic Sentinel utilizes intelligence, along with its analytical abilities and experience in order to provide the consumer with an informed, geopolitical analysis of the world theatre.

Our Team consists of experienced professionals who are experts in their fields of geopolitics, software development, security, intelligence, and analysis. Combined, this offers us a unique and informed outlook on the complex world. Giving us the ability to focus on specific areas around the globe and rapidly make in depth evaluations of current events and provide a range of related services.

Using the analogy of an intricate puzzle, each of our services can be viewed as constituent pieces:

Geospatial Intelligence:

We are able to provide global visibility through our access to a network of geospatial satellites; a decisive factor where global politics and financial considerations may preclude the ability for “on-site” monitoring.

Research and Intelligence Analysis:

Put simply, accurate research provides insight. Information now arrives from a multitude of sources, in varied formats; our task is to filter sources for data heritage, ensure integrity, and compile it into a clear, concise whole. Armed with accurate intelligence analysis and research we are able to streamline your understanding to enable you to augment relevance of the decisions you make.


2D Imagery has been a mainstay for many years, but now 3D implementation of quantitative compensation methods provide the best image in terms of quantifiable accuracy, spatial resolution and noise reduction. This allows you to view areas of specific interest as 3D photorealistic or 360° renders, giving you the best possible insight into your selected field of investigation.

We emphasize information control and data optimization algorithms as a key tool and application in our consumers’ utilization in a period of an ever increasingly globalized, internet powered, and interconnected society. We strive to provide the clarity in today's overexposed, 24-7 information sphere.

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